Monday, August 18, 2014

What Does Ferguson Want? Anarchy?

ArticleMissouri Governor Sends Guard, Lifts Curfew - AP - Associated Press

The protesters not wanting law enforcement during the Ferguson protests must want anarchy. What else could it be? They, and those sympathetic in the media who've sided with them, want law enforcement to back off so they can do as they wish.

Any suggestion that there be any restrictions to protesters, and the criminal instigators who've been shooting at officers and looting, are swatted down. Ferguson is another lawless place in America where violence and rioting have taken over.

Low-income, African-American communities have historically hated the police. Why do they hate them? Because they arrest African-Americans who commit crimes. I guess that these communities want their brethren to be able to commit whatever crimes they want to. So, why not just withdraw law enforcement from these communities and see what happens? See if they want their communities to be lawless.

There have been lots of complaints about how there are only a few African-American officers in the Ferguson Police Department. But, I have heard nothing about African-Americans being not allowed to join the department. Same goes with the Ferguson city government. Listen, if you want to become involved, you can become involved. You can't just wait until your city's on fire to speak up.

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