Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Into the Light

ArticleAl Qaeda Calls Death of U.S. Ambassador a 'Gift' - CNN

Al Qaeda is showing it was involved in stirring up the violence in The Middle East this past week. Now, their affiliate in North Africa is calling for the killing of more U.S. diplomats.

The significance of this is that they have now made themselves targets. In Yemen, when "Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" took credit for killings and called for more, intelligence services and Special Forces knew where to aim. Those in North Africa have now done the same. Poking your heads above ground will allow our people to track their communications, found who sent them, and take them out.

For those Al Qaeda in North Africa, they may create more violence by making themselves known, but now they're targets.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Extremists and Power

It should be noted that the extremists wanting violence in the Middle East have no concern for their own people. They want power, and they want control. Yes, we lost four great Americans, which is truly tragic. But, the number of Muslims who will end up dead, and the destruction and unrest resulting in Muslim countries, will be high. It doesn't matter to those stirring up the violence, though. They want the power high of having killed a few Americans on 9/11, the consequences to their people be damned.

Perfect Storm

As the horrors over the anti-Islam video continue in the Middle East, the picture of what made it happen may be coming together. A "Perfect Storm" of an inflammatory video made here, coupled with rage generated over there.

The video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad was at first alleged to be from an Israeli living in the U.S. Now, the picture has become blurred. The person is now thought to be a Coptic Christian from Egypt, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

My thought is that the person was part of a two-part plan to stir up violence in the Middle East. The idea could have been to plant someone over here, make the video, upload it, then go back. Overseas, make sure the video was known and known well. Stir up anger and hatred, and direct those enraged to attack our embassies, killing our people.

The fact that it happened right on 9/11 is no coincidence. My thought is that it was a planned attack. Certainly nothing like the scale of 9/11. But, carefully planned and executed nonetheless.

Religion has too often been driven to extremes. And, Islam is very much in that mode right now. The depressed conditions of nations wracked with war and unrest put people in psychologically vulnerable positions. The opportunism of preachers, Al-Qaeda and other extremist operatives, who want to create anger and hatred, rule the day.

It is now up to American Special Forces and intelligence services to hunt down and kill those responsible for this week's horrors.

And now, we know that Al-Qaeda and others have new ways to attack America and its people.

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Voice Drinking Game!

SiteThe Voice - NBC

Even though eliminated, The Shields Brothers have developed an AWESOME Drinking Game!

It seems to change constantly! But, I would like to officially add:

1.) If a Disease-of-the-Week contestant like #Jamal shows up, drink! He is both a recovering addict AND he's HIV-positive! That's a #TheVoice Double Double!

2.) Cleavage! Yes, cleavage! If you see cleavage (most likely Christina's, Katrina's or Erin's, drink!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Wind Energy Stocks

Article: Article: 5 Wind Energy Stocks To Watch - Investopedia

I strongly support Wind Energy and Solar Energy. Having new sources of energy isn't only smart, but it's a natural course for America. We have always been innovative, and have always found new technologies to keep America progressing.

By fostering New Energy, we are doing what's best for our country. We need to be as self sufficient as possible. We should be pursuing the development of New Energy like it's our new Manhattan Project. America can be the leader in this field. China is working hard on New Energy, and could easily pass us by if we let them. But, we shouldn't!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Santorum Doesn't Care About Your Child

Article: Article: Rick Santorum, Meet My Son - Slate.com

Santorum doesn't care about your child, nor any other child in the world. He is only concerned about his religious fanaticism. My ongoing point about "Pro-Lifers" is that they are only "Pro-Life" when it comes to fetuses. The second they come out of the womb, they couldn't care less.

Bye Bye Breitbart!

Article: Article: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) - Slate.com

Good riddance to Breitbart! As the Joker said in the 1989 "Batman": "I'm glad you're dead!" After the way he hurled his hatred at Senator Ted Kennedy after his death, Breitbart, and his family, should expect no sympathy.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Iran Red Meat!

Article: Article: U.S. Sees Iran Attacks as Likely if Israel Strikes - New York Times

Again, the same people who were ginning up America to get into Iraq are trying to propagandize us into getting into Iran. Big surprise? No.

But, this time, Americans should stand up for what should be important to them: America. Our nation is what should be important to us. If Israel, Saudi Arabia or whomever wants to hit Iran, let them. And, let them take the consequences. Our intelligence services and our armed forces will watch over America and protect us.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Harris-Perry Bringing Diversity to MSNBC

Article: Article: Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC gives new face to cable news - Washington Post

I always get a big kick out of how Soledad O'Brien hosts all those "Black in America" and "Latino in America" specials! I would never have guessed for a second that she was ethnic at all.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Use Special Forces in the Mexican Drug War

ArticleArmored SUV Could Not Protect U.S. Agents in Mexico - Washington Post

We keep hearing about how Iran, a country without a nuclear weapon nor a method by which to launch a potential one, is somehow an imminent threat to our nation.

But, this story demonstrates a clear and present danger, the Mexican drug war. We should take it as the danger it is, and do all that is necessary to eliminate it. We use our Special Forces to take out Al Queda half way around the world. We should also use them to hunt down and eliminate drug kingpins in Mexico.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy Chatter!

ArticleAdele's '21' Dominates the Grammy Awards - Los Angeles Times

The 2012 Grammys was most interesting! The death of Whitney Huston definitely cast a pall over the proceedings. But, most of the show went on as planned. Here are my (snarky!) comments:
  • Chris Brown - Like his performance, or he'll beat the f&%k out of you!
  • Hey! Chris Brown won. :-P Obviously, beating the crap out of women is rewarded at the Grammys. F&%ing douchebags!
  • Hey, CBS! I guess the only place you could get Grammys host and performers was from your own shows. Right? ;-)
  • Good to see that David Grohl fixed himself up for the Grammys! Thinking GQ, obviously! ;-)
  • I think David Grohl mistakes shaking his head around and playing loudly for good Rock 'n' Roll. Sorry, incorrect! :-)
  • Ah! The Grammys moment we've been waiting for! Nicki Minaj officially made this show Jump the Shark!
  • What would have made the Grammys actually ROCK? Van Halen, of course!

Friday, February 10, 2012

John Carter - New Movie on March 9th!

ArticleJohn Carter - IMdB

"John Carter" is a new science-fiction film that opens on March 9. It is adapted from Edgar Rice Burrough's "Princess of Mars." It will be in 2D, and post-converted IMAX and RealD 3D.
For me seeing it, we will see if "John Carter" gets the 14,000 watt MegaScreen treatment in St. Louis! Others should be able to see it in IMAX 3D. Since the movie is in CinemaScope (aspect ratio 2:35:1), I would elect to see it in its proper aspect ratio, instead of IMAX, where you'll lose about half the width. The movie could be interesting. Luckily, Michael Giacchino is doing the film score, so that should be good!

Obama Ready to Compromise on Birth Control

ArticleObama to Announce Accommodation for Religious Groups on Birth Control Rule - Washington Post

Whatever today's word from the White House will be, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. These religions who are up in arms over this receive federal funding. They also are employers. Thus, they have to abide by employment laws. That includes having to do as other employers must. Furthermore, religious organizations operate as charitable organizations do, as 501(c)(3) entities. So, they don't have to pay taxes as you and I do. Being a 501(c)(3) means you cannot be a political organization. And yet, you have preachers endorsing candidates, have Rick Santorum preaching, etc. And, these religious organizations are allowed to operate as 501(c)(3)'s regardless. So, if these religions do not want to obey employer laws, they can first give up their tax-exempt status and refuse federal funding.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More of Your Tax Dollars Go Bye-Bye

ArticleGovernment Paying for Cell Phones - CNN

Another way for Americans to kiss their tax dollars goodbye! Why should we have to pay for low-income people to get cell phones? You want a phone? How about a home phone? Plus, as with all welfare-type programs, there is a lot of waste and corruption. This is the kind of story that gets Middle Class taxpayers, who pay a large percentage-of-income taxes, up in arms. And, justifiably so.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bachmann Says She Was "The Perfect Candidate!"

ArticleBachmann Says She Was the "Perfect Candidate" - CNN

Is there anything else to do here except laugh? A lot?! Bachmann is beyond delusional. And, with a husband who tries to "convert" homosexuals into heterosexuals, you have two batty birds!

Eastwood vs. The Right

ArticleDetroit Automakers Are Rebounding. Karl Rove Is Offended. - New York Times

First of all, Eastwood could drive Rove into the cement with his pinkie! Second of all, I didn't think of any political messages at all when seeing this ad.

This is a good old Rorschach test, where you view the inkbolt and see what you want to see. Rove, whose entire existence is about political division and demonizing anything that can be demonized, saw what he wanted to see. The dude could see a commercial for milk and see something nefarious in it!

Facebook Users Ask, "Where’s Our Cut?"

ArticleFacebook Users Ask, ‘Where’s Our Cut?’ - New York Times

This is similar to providing content to sites like Yelp.com That is a site I have contributed 165 reviews to. I am one of their "Elite" members, invited because of my involvement in their community. I do get to go to special events just for the Elite Members. And, when I do, I consider that as compensation for what I contribute.

But, if you contribute to a site (like Facebook) that doesn't have anything like that, you are contributing for free. My advice would be to post your content to your own blog (where you can include advertisements that will pay you), and only post links and teaser headlines on Facebook. In that way, you are using Facebook just as they are using you!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI Commentary 5 - The Final Chapter!

ArticleSuper Bowl XLVI Update - Yahoo.com

1.) The curvy Melanie Amaro's appearance on the Pepsi - Elton John commercial was most welcome! Definitely made up for the shapeless stringbeans we're usually subjected to!

2.) My brother is convinced that Madonna has had "some work done." If so, it turned out well! If she did, her message to other plastic surgery customers would be: "HA! Suck it!"

3.) Galaxy Note commercial was crazily goofy!

4.) To quote the movie "Die Hard" on Brady's critical sack: "The quarterback is toast!"

5.) And, in conclusion: Giants, GIANTS, G-I-A-N-T-S !

Super Bowl XLVI Commentary 4

ArticleSuper Bowl XLVI Update - Yahoo.com

1.) Did you see the new testing regimen for the Chevy Sonic? I guess pushing it out of a plane and bungee-ing it are required before it's released on the market!

2.) Madonna shows, as many others do, that music is much more about showmanship than decent songs!

3.) Wait a second, Cee Lo Green sings? Thought the dude was just a TV host!

4.) Just curious, is there football during the Super Bowl? This Half-Time deal has gone on so long, I can't remember!

5.) Betty White, as always, turns in the only funny Super Bowl moment!

Super Bowl XLVI Commentary 3

ArticleSuper Bowl XLVI Update - Yahoo.com

1.) David Beckham? What a douche! Dude came to Los Angeles to play. And, didn't play! Now, he's just doing commercials in his knickers. :-P

2.) Doesn't every Dr. Seuss movie suck? By the way, the answer is yes!

3.) New York still kicks ass! Message to Earth: Bow down to our great city! ;-)

4.) Does every Super Bowl Half-Time Show have to feature a performer who's eligible for Social Security? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Madonna!

Super Bowl XLVI Commentary 2: Electric Boogaloo!

ArticleSuper Bowl XLVI Update - Yahoo.com

1.) This Just In! - Tom Brady's supermodel arm candy doesn't help his SuperSucky play!

2.) New York kicks ass!

3.) First Quarter already over! Game will probably last two hours. NBC doesn't know how to fill extra hours!

4.) Only desperate guys find GoDaddy's Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels attractive!

Super Bowl XLVI Commentary

ArticleSuper Bowl XLVI Update - Yahoo.com

1.) Commercials suck!
2.) Miranda Lambert looks good in leather.
3.) Kelly Clarkson's hair sucks.
4.) Pro Bowl guys at coin toss looked like they were at a tax audit!
5.) Tom Brady whiffs on first Patriot's drive.
6.) Commercials: continued, prolonged suckage!

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Productive Use for Social Media? Sweet!

ArticleHow the Internet changed Komen’s mind - Salon.com

Ah! So, Social Media isn't just for telling people what you had for lunch and playing Farmville? Cool! ;-)

Komen's CEO: Not a Political Decision

ArticleSusan G. Komen CEO: “This is not a political decision” - Salon.com

Of course it was a political decision. Please! You hired a Senior Vice President who pledged to kill Planned Parenthood funding. And, you caved into the right. Now, embarrassingly, you have to retreat due to public pressure. But, the damage has been done. Many people won't look at your pink ribbons the same way again.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Susan G. Komen and Planned Parenthood

ArticleWhy the right hates Planned Parenthood - Salon.com

First of all, Susan G. Komen is a corporation. They do what corporations do: make money, market their brand, curry favor among the powerful. So, people should consider that fact starting out. Next, as was clearly stated, the Komen Foundation has a Senior Vice President who is staunchly against Planned Parenthood. Plus, Komen has clearly caved into the right.

We now see how Komen has crossed over into becoming a political organization. So, anyone contributing to them, or interacting with them should know that they are joining an organization that is anti-abortion. And, in being against Planned Parenthood, they are also now anti-women's health. Irony? Yes.

Wind Power Debate

ArticleWind power: Renewable resource, or another corporate scam? - Salon.com

Wind Power should be part of our energy strategy. It certainly cannot be a solution to all of it. That being the case, the most logical places for wind power are out on the plains where population is more scarce. Anywhere else, where turbines would be around people, careful consideration should be taken. And, it would be reasonable for there to be regulation where full disclosure would be made to residents on the ramifications of having turbines close by.