Friday, August 15, 2014

Mike Brown and the Politics of Race

ArticleBreaking: PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting - Gateway Pundit

NOTE: In the above photo, you can see the "prime suspect," identified by an officer on the scene as Mike Brown, assaulting a store owner after stealing cigars from his store.

For starters, I don't have much sympathy for my local Memphis Police Department. I have been harassed by them a few times, and I'm a white male! So, I can only imagine what African-Americans get. Plus, just coming home this morning, there was a car stopped in a church parking lot, with two Memphis cop cars already there. This third one just comes flying by me in the left-turn lane, barely makes it between two cars at the red light, speeding through the intersection without so much as a tap of the brakes. And, when I see what he was racing towards, it was just this traffic stop with the two other cop cars already having it well in hand. Really?! We have a reckless Police Department, and an almost lawless city.

Regardless, whatever this officer in Ferguson might have done wrong needs to be prosecuted, to whatever extent he screwed up. We will see. But, the "leadership" in the African-American community is all about opportunists like Al Sharpton wanting to start a fire any time they can. What do they care? Sharpton's got tons of money, lives a cushy life. And, how does he get to do that? By setting fire to any racial incident he can. Meanwhile, it is the citizens of the burnt-out neighborhoods, post riots, that will pay the price.

And, yes, if you are going to have vigils and everything, it would make them more valid if you were having them just as often for the African-Americans who gun each other down every day. Optics are everything in this country.

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