Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shepard Smith Calls Robin Williams a "Coward"

ArticleShepard Smith Clarifies and Apologizes for Robin Williams ‘Coward’ Remark - Mediaite

Smith is the one who's a coward. He's hiding under his rationalization, while we all knew what he meant. Own up to it, Shepard, and act like a man about it. This happens a lot with moralistic, supposedly "Christian" people. They judge at will, because they think they somehow have a right to. And, suicide is a prime topic for them with which to do this. In my hometown of St. Louis, there was an assistant minister in a Presbyterian church near downtown. He committed suicide after a long bout of depression following a serious skiing accident. I was severely disheartened to hear that, during his actual funeral service, the lead minister said it was too bad that he couldn't go to heaven, since he committed suicide. So, while this lead minister and everyone else stood by while this man suffered, they had the gall to condemn him during his actual funeral service. Smith has shown himself to being part of this group.

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