Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reporter Questions "Fairness" of American Ebola Patients

ArticleShould Ebola-Infected Americans Receive Special Treatment? - ABC News

The reporter in the above story questions whether it's fair that two citizens of The United States are getting special treatment for their Ebola cases.

Well, Liz, the title of your article strongly implies what you think, that it isn't fair. But, these are citizens of The United States. And, our nation will do whatever we can to help them. The U.S. is that kind of nation, one that watches over its own. As far as their treatment is concerned, they are being given an experimental treatment, emphasis on experimental. It is very unlikely that any nation would distribute such a treatment outside of its borders until it is known that it works, and what the side effects are. If it didn't work, we would be likely to be strongly rebuked because people got hurt by it. I would imagine that, if it does work, it will be sent into the field to help others. Because, once again, that is what our nation does: help others who are not able to help themselves.

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