Thursday, July 31, 2014

It's Great When People Make Your Point for You!

I post it. And, instantly I get someone who perfectly makes my point for me. Thank you, Internet!

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How Israel Critics Can Try to Avoid "Anti-Semitic" Label

ArticleCriticising Israel, Avoiding Anti-Semitism - BBC

As you can see from this article, people have to actually write guides on how to possibly avoid being called "Anti-Semitic" when criticizing Israel in any way.

If you make any criticism of Israel, you are likely to be labeled as "Anti-Semitic." Those who practice Judaism aren't necessarily Israel and vice versa. Israel is a government, and has the same issues, positive and negative, that governments have. When people just resort to the "you must be prejudiced if you are criticizing someone" is made because they do not want to engage you in debate.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Israel's P.R. Machine vs. The Media

ArticleIsraeli Ambassador to U.S. Lambastes CNN While on CNN Over Gaza Coverage - The Huffington Post

The whole strategy for the Israeli P.R. Machine is to beat on people until they come around to the Israeli point of view. They've been sending out their minions to every media outlet to try to accomplish this. They threw such a fit over the very-short FAA ban on flights into Ben Gurion that they got it lifted.

Plus, it's interesting to watch Jewish politicians drop the interests of The United States in a heartbeat to jump and down over getting what they want for Israel. Bloomberg and Schumer are prime examples.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Israel Angry at United States for Protecting Its Citizens

The FAA today put a 24-hour ban on air travel into Israel because a Hamas missile landed within a couple miles of Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport.

In response, there has been anger from Israel that the FAA took such action. So, now, the United States has to have such solidarity with Israel that we potentially risk the lives of our citizens traveling abroad?

The job of the United States Government should be to protect citizens of The United States. All else should be secondary.