Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Endless Commercial Breaks!

Do you find yourself watching TV during commercial breaks so long that you forget what show you were watching? I do! Hey, after five minutes, do you really expect me to remember? :-)

Lumix + Leica

When it comes to photography, alliances are formed to pair one photo company with another.

One of these partnerships is Panasonic's Lumix partnering up with the famous Leica lenses. You can do a search for "Leica" at the Lumix site:


And, one of the current cameras offered is the Lumix LX5:


So, you get a "Leica-branded" lens on a Lumix camera. Now, this camera is by what I can tell identical to the Leica version, the D-LUX 5:


Other companies like Sony cameras do this with Zeiss lenses and Kodak cameras with Schneider lenses.

$900 Billion!

Looking forward to paying for the Obama/GOP Tax Cut plan! Hey, it's only another $900 Billion added to the deficit. What the heck! 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Iran's Nuclear Blunder - What Not to Do!

Note to burgeoning nuclear powers, don't network your new, bright, shiny nuclear weapons system! Duh. :-P Trouble was expected when the door to the nuclear weapons plant had a sign saying "Free Wi-Fi!"

Computer Worm Damages Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Thursday, December 2, 2010

LOTS of Stars!

There are now thought to be 300 sextillion (i.e. a WHOLE lot of stars!) in the universe:

Three Times the Stars Scientists Thought - NYTimes

So, when our crazy world leaders walk around thinking how powerful they are, they should think that all they are in charge of is one planet around one of 300 sextillion stars! Still feel super powerful, folks? :-)