Monday, August 18, 2014

What Does Ferguson Want? Anarchy?

ArticleMissouri Governor Sends Guard, Lifts Curfew - AP - Associated Press

The protesters not wanting law enforcement during the Ferguson protests must want anarchy. What else could it be? They, and those sympathetic in the media who've sided with them, want law enforcement to back off so they can do as they wish.

Any suggestion that there be any restrictions to protesters, and the criminal instigators who've been shooting at officers and looting, are swatted down. Ferguson is another lawless place in America where violence and rioting have taken over.

Low-income, African-American communities have historically hated the police. Why do they hate them? Because they arrest African-Americans who commit crimes. I guess that these communities want their brethren to be able to commit whatever crimes they want to. So, why not just withdraw law enforcement from these communities and see what happens? See if they want their communities to be lawless.

There have been lots of complaints about how there are only a few African-American officers in the Ferguson Police Department. But, I have heard nothing about African-Americans being not allowed to join the department. Same goes with the Ferguson city government. Listen, if you want to become involved, you can become involved. You can't just wait until your city's on fire to speak up.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Mike Brown and the Politics of Race

ArticleBreaking: PHOTOS RELEASED of Suspect Michael Brown ROBBING STORE Before Shooting - Gateway Pundit

NOTE: In the above photo, you can see the "prime suspect," identified by an officer on the scene as Mike Brown, assaulting a store owner after stealing cigars from his store.

For starters, I don't have much sympathy for my local Memphis Police Department. I have been harassed by them a few times, and I'm a white male! So, I can only imagine what African-Americans get. Plus, just coming home this morning, there was a car stopped in a church parking lot, with two Memphis cop cars already there. This third one just comes flying by me in the left-turn lane, barely makes it between two cars at the red light, speeding through the intersection without so much as a tap of the brakes. And, when I see what he was racing towards, it was just this traffic stop with the two other cop cars already having it well in hand. Really?! We have a reckless Police Department, and an almost lawless city.

Regardless, whatever this officer in Ferguson might have done wrong needs to be prosecuted, to whatever extent he screwed up. We will see. But, the "leadership" in the African-American community is all about opportunists like Al Sharpton wanting to start a fire any time they can. What do they care? Sharpton's got tons of money, lives a cushy life. And, how does he get to do that? By setting fire to any racial incident he can. Meanwhile, it is the citizens of the burnt-out neighborhoods, post riots, that will pay the price.

And, yes, if you are going to have vigils and everything, it would make them more valid if you were having them just as often for the African-Americans who gun each other down every day. Optics are everything in this country.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Shepard Smith Calls Robin Williams a "Coward"

ArticleShepard Smith Clarifies and Apologizes for Robin Williams ‘Coward’ Remark - Mediaite

Smith is the one who's a coward. He's hiding under his rationalization, while we all knew what he meant. Own up to it, Shepard, and act like a man about it. This happens a lot with moralistic, supposedly "Christian" people. They judge at will, because they think they somehow have a right to. And, suicide is a prime topic for them with which to do this. In my hometown of St. Louis, there was an assistant minister in a Presbyterian church near downtown. He committed suicide after a long bout of depression following a serious skiing accident. I was severely disheartened to hear that, during his actual funeral service, the lead minister said it was too bad that he couldn't go to heaven, since he committed suicide. So, while this lead minister and everyone else stood by while this man suffered, they had the gall to condemn him during his actual funeral service. Smith has shown himself to being part of this group.

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Reporter Questions "Fairness" of American Ebola Patients

ArticleShould Ebola-Infected Americans Receive Special Treatment? - ABC News

The reporter in the above story questions whether it's fair that two citizens of The United States are getting special treatment for their Ebola cases.

Well, Liz, the title of your article strongly implies what you think, that it isn't fair. But, these are citizens of The United States. And, our nation will do whatever we can to help them. The U.S. is that kind of nation, one that watches over its own. As far as their treatment is concerned, they are being given an experimental treatment, emphasis on experimental. It is very unlikely that any nation would distribute such a treatment outside of its borders until it is known that it works, and what the side effects are. If it didn't work, we would be likely to be strongly rebuked because people got hurt by it. I would imagine that, if it does work, it will be sent into the field to help others. Because, once again, that is what our nation does: help others who are not able to help themselves.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Netanyahu's Complete Disrespect Towards the U.S.

ArticleNetanyahu to U.S.: Don't second guess me on Hamas - Politico

The way the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, addresses our President and our nation, is entirely unacceptable. When any country, be it Israel, or whomever, is accepting billions of dollars from us, there should be two words uttered from them: "thank you" and that's it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu saying "not to ever second guess me again" when it comes to our peace negotiations is entirely unacceptable. Israel should be very grateful for all we have done for them for all these decades. The United States is most certainly integral to Israel continuing to exist.

If the United States cannot get respect from those to whom we assist, then we should demand such respect. If that cannot be given, we should choose not to continue to support them. Netanyahu wanted Obama gone in the past election, and didn't get his wish. Now, he wants to treat our President, and our nation, with complete disrespect.

It is moments such as this that test a nation's resolve. Netanyahu should most definitely be redressed, and strongly reminded of the role The United States has played in its continued survival. And, yeah, we damn well better be getting a "thank you" from them. Anything else is unacceptable.

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