Monday, March 5, 2012

Wind Energy Stocks

Article: Article: 5 Wind Energy Stocks To Watch - Investopedia

I strongly support Wind Energy and Solar Energy. Having new sources of energy isn't only smart, but it's a natural course for America. We have always been innovative, and have always found new technologies to keep America progressing.

By fostering New Energy, we are doing what's best for our country. We need to be as self sufficient as possible. We should be pursuing the development of New Energy like it's our new Manhattan Project. America can be the leader in this field. China is working hard on New Energy, and could easily pass us by if we let them. But, we shouldn't!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Santorum Doesn't Care About Your Child

Article: Article: Rick Santorum, Meet My Son -

Santorum doesn't care about your child, nor any other child in the world. He is only concerned about his religious fanaticism. My ongoing point about "Pro-Lifers" is that they are only "Pro-Life" when it comes to fetuses. The second they come out of the womb, they couldn't care less.

Bye Bye Breitbart!

Article: Article: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) -

Good riddance to Breitbart! As the Joker said in the 1989 "Batman": "I'm glad you're dead!" After the way he hurled his hatred at Senator Ted Kennedy after his death, Breitbart, and his family, should expect no sympathy.