Monday, June 10, 2013

Komen's CEO Rakes It In!

ArticleNancy Brinker's High Salary Angers Advocates After Komen Fundraising Drops, Charity Walks Canceled - The Huffington Post

The Susan G. Komen Foundation's CEO is raking in the cash, much more than CEO's of other charities of similar scope. And, what vexes supporters especially is that her high salary is in counterpoint to lower fundraising by Komen, and the cancellation of walks in high-profile cities.

Komen made a decision to become an anti-women's-health organization when they first decided to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, money that would have helped with mammograms and prevent cancer. Even though they reversed later, people knew where they really stood, the reversal only being because of public pressure.

So, there should be no surprise that people are bailing and going elsewhere. There is an organization called the American Cancer Society (you might have heard of it!). Having somewhat-redundant organizations like Komen are now rightly being seen as unneeded.

Komen has shown itself prior to this controversy to be more a marketing organization than a charity, self tasked to get its logo on anything and everything possible. The charity aspect has always been secondary.

Now, more people are seeing that there are better places to spend their time and energy than Komen. And, rightfully so.

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