Monday, June 10, 2013

The Anger and Violence of Pro-Immigrant Bill Supporters

The anger and violence of Immigration Bill supporters is instantly evident when you post the slightest comment not in favor of their bill.

Just responding to a Pro-Immigration post from Obama's Twitter means instant vitriol from illiterate, angry users, like this from Joshua Swearengin:

"Douchebag, the majority of people on welfare on Non-Urban, Whites. I hope the next plane you fly crashes."

Nice! Plus, you get barely intelligible posts like this from Jessica, who's of course too much of a coward to post her last name:

"hes white tho hell never understand where we are coming from since he had it all from mommy & daddy."

And, of course, you will always be called a racist, and everything else in the book. So, what was my "horrible" comment? This: "Only if they repay, with interest, all the free money they and their children, have received since coming here."

When you are dealing with the Pro-Immigration Bill crowd, you are dealing with Latinos here illegally who are angry and who believe they are entitled to American citizenship because they crossed a border. They don't believe that they should have to earn it or work for it. And, their strategy is to beat down anyone who offers the slightest opposition to what they want. And, if you're not dealing with them, you're dealing with just plain crazy people!

The trick is that, instead of stopping those of us with questions or criticisms, it will only embolden us. So, too bad, guys, it didn't work!


  1. This is sad Miller, you delete my comments because you can't handle the truth. Why left out the part where you said "illegals don't have any rights" more or so? This isn't helping yourself in any way. You are only assassinating the good character of millions of hard-working Americans. Tell me come on, what did you exactly do to 'earn' your citizenship Miller? Invaded and took over? you are a joke and a coward for pointing your finger at poor people instead of showing them mercy. You do it because it isn't you whom was born in a place without opportunities and had to move in search of a better tomorrow. But guess what, that's exactly how you got here. Somebody down the road had to pack up and leave because their lives sucked. Remember America the melting pot. the American Dream! Now you sit here in the comfort of your home and criticize your brothers and sisters for doing the same thing. Miller Miller Miller... I hope you see the light at the end of the tunnel because the Latinos you despise so much are soon becoming the majority in this country and I don't think they are going to take kindly of your discrimination. In short what I'm trying to tell you is, you should be for affirmative action, because you'll need it.

  2. People who are actually here legally in The United States get it. The objective of the Open Borders crowd is to use threats and intimidation against anyone who dares to criticize the pro-amnesty set in any size, shape or form.

    But, unfortunately for those of us who have legally been in the United States for generations, and have fought for our nation, we aren't gutless cowards who are going to fold. The United States is why the rest of the world exists in freedom. Mexico is an impoverished, hyper-violent, Third World country who lies down and surrenders instead of fighting for their nation.

    And, Mexico sends their people across the border because they want to have nothing to do with them.

    Finally, a pussy like "John Webber," certainly not his real name, and who has a profile with yet another name, hurls his vitriol without having the guts to say any of it like a man.