Thursday, May 23, 2013

Immigration Reform

Article11 Ways Immigration Reform Would Boost The Economy - The Huffington Post

I know that HuffPost is pushing "Immigration Reform." And, yes, there should be reform. But, it should be about controlling the inflow of people into our country, and making sure that those already here actually show that they want to be part of this country, and not just be here for the jobs. They should be willing to do community service to show that they want to be part of their communities and to contribute. They should be willing to pay a small percentage (say 2%) of their income to help pay for the expenses of our housing them and their children for all these years, etc. And, they should be at the back of line, behind those who came here legally.

But, we should also acknowledge why this legislation is being done in the first place: to get Latino votes and to appease Latino groups. It is very simple. Washington never does anything unless they get something out of it. And, that is certainly the case here.

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