Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy Chatter!

ArticleAdele's '21' Dominates the Grammy Awards - Los Angeles Times

The 2012 Grammys was most interesting! The death of Whitney Huston definitely cast a pall over the proceedings. But, most of the show went on as planned. Here are my (snarky!) comments:
  • Chris Brown - Like his performance, or he'll beat the f&%k out of you!
  • Hey! Chris Brown won. :-P Obviously, beating the crap out of women is rewarded at the Grammys. F&%ing douchebags!
  • Hey, CBS! I guess the only place you could get Grammys host and performers was from your own shows. Right? ;-)
  • Good to see that David Grohl fixed himself up for the Grammys! Thinking GQ, obviously! ;-)
  • I think David Grohl mistakes shaking his head around and playing loudly for good Rock 'n' Roll. Sorry, incorrect! :-)
  • Ah! The Grammys moment we've been waiting for! Nicki Minaj officially made this show Jump the Shark!
  • What would have made the Grammys actually ROCK? Van Halen, of course!

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