Friday, September 14, 2012

Perfect Storm

As the horrors over the anti-Islam video continue in the Middle East, the picture of what made it happen may be coming together. A "Perfect Storm" of an inflammatory video made here, coupled with rage generated over there.

The video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad was at first alleged to be from an Israeli living in the U.S. Now, the picture has become blurred. The person is now thought to be a Coptic Christian from Egypt, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula.

My thought is that the person was part of a two-part plan to stir up violence in the Middle East. The idea could have been to plant someone over here, make the video, upload it, then go back. Overseas, make sure the video was known and known well. Stir up anger and hatred, and direct those enraged to attack our embassies, killing our people.

The fact that it happened right on 9/11 is no coincidence. My thought is that it was a planned attack. Certainly nothing like the scale of 9/11. But, carefully planned and executed nonetheless.

Religion has too often been driven to extremes. And, Islam is very much in that mode right now. The depressed conditions of nations wracked with war and unrest put people in psychologically vulnerable positions. The opportunism of preachers, Al-Qaeda and other extremist operatives, who want to create anger and hatred, rule the day.

It is now up to American Special Forces and intelligence services to hunt down and kill those responsible for this week's horrors.

And now, we know that Al-Qaeda and others have new ways to attack America and its people.

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